Bag Filter

Model :
1) Single Bag
2) Multi Bag
3) Duplex
Features :
  • Bag Filter is a pressurized liquid filtration.
  • Bag Filter is useful for filtration of large volume liquid.
  • The filtration is from inside to out through the Bag Filter media.
Contaminant removed from the liquid retained inside the bag making change over and disposal simple.

Bag Filter :
Filter Bags are made of felt material, which has the advantage of providing three dimensional filter media and offers both, a surface and depth filtration effect, along with high pore volume resulting in low pressure drop, high flow rate and longer bag life.Filter Bags are available in different types of filter media in different ratings. Polypropylene filter bag offers a broad range of chemical compatibility and is suitable for many applications. Polyester Filter Bags are suitable for high temperature with compatibility for acids and petroleum based fluids.

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