Recess Plate P.P. Filter Press

Model :
1) PF /RPF 60
2) PF /RPF 76
3) PF /RPF 90
4) PF /RPF 100
5) PF /RPF 120
Features :
  • Recess Plate P.P. Filter Press is suitable for retention of large volume solids from Liquid.
  • Filter Press constitutes of Fixed heads, the side support bars and the moving head.
  • The Fixed heads are connected with solid Tie-bars forming a self supporting Chasis.
  • Filter plates and Moving head are guided on solid Tie bars.
  • Hydraulic Tightening device is standard.

Filter Plate:
Recessed Filter Plates are manufactured from polypropylene material (High molecular weight). Filter plates from P.P. Material has added advantage compare to conventional metallic filter plates.
  • Economic in capital cost.
  • Wide range of compatibility with different products.
  • Open delivery from each plate permits larger size installation.
  • Close delivery permits to reduce moisture contents in cake.

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Recess Plate P.P. Filter Press